Springhill Wine & Spirits


What are Springhill’s hours of operation?

Springhill is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 12pm. Our doors close 10pm at which point we offer drive-thru service only. We are open on all holidays except Christmas Day, although we may close early (around 10pm) on holidays. 

Does Springhill have a “Wine Day”?

Yes! Every Wednesday is Wine Day and we offer a 15% discount on wines and champagnes.

**Wine Day discounts cannot be combined with case (or any other) discounts.

Does Springhill offer case or bulk discounts?

Springhill offers a 10% discount on cases of wines and spirits. The number of bottles in a case varies depending on the size of the bottle. The following chart displays typical, but not all, case sizes.

Twelve 750 mL bottles of wine or liquor   = 1 case  
Six 1.5 Lit bottles of wine                         = 1 case  
Twelve 1 Lit bottles of liquor                     = 1 case  
Six 1.75 gal bottles of liquor                     = 1 case  
Four 1/2 gallon jugs of wine                    = 1 case  

Also, with a purchase of $200 or more, you will receive a 10% on your purchase.

**Case  and bulk discounts cannot be combined with wine day (or any other) discounts.

Will Springhill price-match deals from other liquor stores?

Yes! If you find a better advertised price at another liquor store in our area, Springhill will match that price. Just bring the original ad in when you come.

** This offer cannot be combined with wine day, case, or any other discount.  

How do I know which wines will go with what food I am serving?

Because wine preferences are so subjective, the wines that you like will always be the right ones to drink on any occasion. There are, however, guidelines that can help you choose a wine that will complement whatever dish you may be serving. The table below is good to follow if you are not sure. The main idea, when pairing food and wine, is to not choose a wine that will overpower your food or vice versa. The two should complement each other and lend to the other subtleties that might otherwise be overlooked.

Wine Food Selections
Cabernet Sauvignon (Cab-er-nay So-veen-yon)
Beef, Roast, Game
Merlot (Mur-Low) Beef, Roast, Game, Fowl, Pork, Veal, RedSauces, Burgers, BBQ, Hors D’oeuvres
Pinot Noir (Pea-no No-ahr) Veal, Pork, Game, Beef, BBQ
Gamay Beaujolais (Ga-may B-ja-lay) Hors D’oeuvres
Chardonnay (Shar-doh-nah) Fowl, Pork, Veal, Seafood, Cream Sauces
Johannisberg Riesling (Jo-han-is-burg Rees-ling)
Chicken, Pork, Veal, Seafood, Cream Sauces
Gewurztraminer (Ge-verts-tra-mee-ner) Spicy Foods, (Chinese, Mexican), Chicken,Pork, Seafood, Hors D’oeuvres
Sauvignon Blanc (So-veen-yon Blan) Chicken, Veal, Pork, Seafood, Cream Sauces
Chenin Blanc (Shen-in Blan) Seafood, Cream Sauces,
Hors D’oeuvres
White Zinfandel Chicken, Pork, Veal, Seafood, Cream Sauces,BBQ, Hors D’oeuvres
White Grenache (Gre-nosh) Chicken, Pork, Veal, Seafood, Cream Sauces,BBQ, Hors D’oeuvres
Champagne (Sham-pain) Seafood, Cream Sauces, Chicken,Hors D’oeuvres, Desserts
Cream Sherry Hors D’oeuvres, Dessert
Port Dessert

How many servings are in a bottle of wine?

A typical restaurant size serving of wine is 4oz.  However, be aware that many modern wine glasses are larger than one you might receive with your meal at a restaurant. If you are having a party and you are having a hard time figuring out how much wine you will need, come in and we will be happy to help you out.

750 mL  =   6,  4oz servings  
1.5 Lit    =  12, 4oz servings  
3.0 Lit    =  24, 4oz servings  
4.0 Lit    =  32, 4oz servings  
5.0 Lit    =  42, 4oz servings  


I had a bottle of wine at a restaurant that I really liked. Will I be able to buy this wine at Springhill?

Chances are, yes. Springhill has one of the widest selections of wines and spirits in the state. If the wine you are looking for is available in Arkansas, we most likely will either have the wine in stock or we can special order it for you.  

Does Springhill offer in-store tastings?

Yes! Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday we have scheduled wine tastings. We often have bottles of liquor and beer that you can sample as well. In adherence to state law, we can only serve three 1/2oz pours of wine, two 1/2oz pours of liquor, and two 1oz pours of beer.  

Come by often because we are always pouring something new!


Does Springhill sell kegs of beer? 

Yes! Springhill offers a wide variety of keg beer, from domestic selections like Budweiser and Miller Lite to imported and craft beers like Chimay and Diamond Bear. Most kegs come in either 1/4 barrels (pony kegs) or 1/2 barrels (full kegs). Some smaller brands and imported beers come in 1/6 barrels.

Although Springhill regularly has many kegs in stock, it is always a good idea to call or come by a week or so in advance to be sure will be able to meet your needs.  

Springhill requires a cash or check deposit of $200 on each keg of beer you buy. Once the barrel and tap is returned, your deposit will be given back.

How many servings are in a keg?

The amount of servings you will get out of each keg will differ depending on what size cups you use. Most people use 12oz cups which will typically yield about 10oz of beer (foam taking up the other 2oz). The following serving chart is intended to give you a rough estimate. For more details and guidance in planning your event, come by Springhill and we will be more than happy to help you out.  

1/6 Barrel  (6 Gallons)                 = 64, 12 oz servings  
1/4 Barrel Pony Keg (7.5 Gallons) = 80, 12 oz servings  
1/2 Barrel Full Keg  (15 Gallons)   = 160, 12 oz servings  


Can I purchase items from Springhill online?

As of right now, the only product we have for purchase online is our gift cards. These can be shipped directly to you or to the gift recipient of your choice. 

We are working very hard to find new ways to better serve you and make your online experience with Springhill as convenient as possible. Check back often and see what’s changing on the website!



































































































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